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We just have to adjust..

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In a week, it will mark the year mark since I started my first job at OMD. I thought I was out of school… but this has been one of the biggest tests everr…lets see if I pass

Few notables:

  • watch this if you havent:
  • Sort of embarrassed to admit this but I want to watch this:




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The holidays are my favorite time of the year and i’m really glad that i’m in a good spot in my life to reaaally enjoy them this time around. I think the last time I wrote a post was when i was studying for my last set of finals, which feels like ages ago. Time has always gone by so quickly for me. Every time I take the time to look back, what’s behind me always seems a shit far away.

I guess a few items worth noting:

1. it’s my best friends birthday:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpicyes this is a human

2. Kanye’s new album is amazing…as most of you are aware.

3. Of course I would get sick when I am in the midst of getting the NFL campaign up and running, preparing foundations media presentation (to the ALL directors of OMD), and starting a new Tax campaign.  not surprising

4. Kanye + Jay-Z’s “Watch the throne” album will be amazing..most likely